Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long day, part 2

After dad's little setback yesterday, you could say today was a vacation. He was under sedation and otherwise heavily medicated. He opened his eyes from time to time, and infrequently raised his right hand a bit to feel if anyone was there. Mom and I only left his side when forced to.

It turns out that due to the pressure in his tummy from upchucking yesterday, he popped out his stomach tube, leaking stomach fluids into the rest of his body. This in turn has caused a bunch of chaos including illness and other complications seemingly unrelated. First thing tomorrow morning he's again going under the knife - this time to correct the feeding tube, as well as clean up his abdomen.

I spoke with the doctor directly; it's going to be a laporotomy (or this is what i assessed from his detailed description). Although a relatively easy and common procedure, it's a big one. There will be a nice scar on his belly to match the one on his head.

If you're still up, or up tomorrow early and reading this, the surgery is at 7am. Spell his name out in your alphabet cereal, watch a little bit of Mythbusters and think about how Adam and Jaime would worship my dad, or simply say his name out loud (preferably not during sex, unless, of course, you're doing it with someone named Wayne). He needs all that good juju right now, and it has to be out there in the first place for him to absorb.

This photo reminds me... dad's head is shaved. He looks cool with a shaved head. I'm going to try to convince him to keep it clean.

I'm thinking about you, Dad.


  1. We are sending out love hurricanes, love tornadoes, and a love godzilla to take over downtown Wayne with healing light while shooting bolts of love lightening from its giant noggin. Please tell the people of downtown Wayne to prepare for an incredibly high love warning starting this evening around 11 and extending through the early morning tomorrow, well into the next several days. Grumpy folks are advised they may experience jubilant, healthy side effects, not to mention hope, overwhelming gratitude and faith while passing through the love storm....

  2. I know it's late, but hopefully he's out of the surgery and they were able to clean up all of the mess.

    A semi-related note: I know what a laparotomy is because I've had one. Your dad's scar will probably be smaller than mine though.

  3. Just don't make him shave that gorgeous mustache.

    Now my tummy hurts - so not only am I sending good vibes, I am mopping up some of the bad juju...I will fart it out on the train home.

  4. The mustache was gone with the first trauma surgery to correct his face. We've since let it grow back in the form of a Van Dyke.