Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Message from Mom

Standing Tall

"On Friday May 29th Wayne was scheduled to use a hoist to stand for the first time in 87 days.

A special machine/equipment was brought to his room. Once in the room the Physical Therapist asked Wayne if he felt strong enough to stand without the hoist.

She positioned a lap table in front of him. Using the table to support himself Wayne pushed up with his arm and legs and stood up. He said his hips hurt and sat back down. He stood again to get from the bed to the wheelchair (with help).

The therapist said this is unheard of. After being in bed for 87 days your muscles are atrophied. It takes weeks to build up the strength in your muscles to allow you to stand. Wayne did it from a sitting position with little support on his first try.

Faith in Our Lord and the Power of Prayer is unmistakeably at work within Dad."

Fucking 'eh. That's pop for ya.

Friday, May 29, 2009


It goes back in on Monday.

Everything else will now fall into place. The physical therapy. The brain healing. Eating a 3x3 animal style.

He built this one from scratch. Yes, that means casting and machining the case and cylinders.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Skull is in the Building...

which means:
A. he'll not have to wear the silly helmet so often
2. they can begin more rigorous physical therapy; no squash or greco-roman just yet
D. He gets a nice freshening up of the scar on his scalp

Dad is doing remarkably well. He's telling people they yap too much, and asking for more quiet. Definitely the Dad i know.

The plan was to get him up and about this week, but with the skull so close the surgery to replace it can happen at a moment's notice. No PT until after it's back in.

He's still confused... he still has hints of someone i don't recognize, but it's certainly Dad... and he IS improving.

If I forgot to mention in a previous post -> Dad's infection is gone. Thus the skull being ready to go in and such.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Dad has apparently been having them. He refuses to speak with those that condescend (which is mostly everyone). He had a brain injury, what does he expect? ;)

Esha called me frantically excited at his cognition and memory. "It was Dad, Eddie. I was totally Dad."

In any case, my sinus infection is coming back with a vengeance, so it'll still be at least another week before i can drop in again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taters 'n' Gravy...

He's eating. Repeat, he is eating.

He hasn't had anything in two months. Early this week, first came the Chocolate Jello.

"Chocolate is not my flavor," he told the nurse. He has the pass-through valve on his trachea, allowing air to be forced out his throat on exhale - thus speech is born.

She insisted.

"Chocolate is not my flavor," this time informing her.

Esha butt in, "Um... he never liked chocolate."

The nurse was surprised. (I mean JEEZ, who doesn't like chocolate). Apparently she thought he was just wording randomness. She came back with some applesauce.

Today he has mash potatoes and gravy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mom back to work

Mom Returned to work this week, with the hope of returning today. She came back to visit on Wednesday. Can't blame her.

Dad is slowly but steadily stabilizing, with hints of regression when his blood pressure spikes or heart rate drops. They are leveling out the amount of CSF being drained from his brain. We are waiting waiting waiting.

I have a serious cold, which i believe may have grown into a sinus infection. I haven't seen him since Monday, and will not see him for at least a few more days until this is out of my system.

I hope I'm half as good lookin' when I'm 58.