Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Skull is in the Building...

which means:
A. he'll not have to wear the silly helmet so often
2. they can begin more rigorous physical therapy; no squash or greco-roman just yet
D. He gets a nice freshening up of the scar on his scalp

Dad is doing remarkably well. He's telling people they yap too much, and asking for more quiet. Definitely the Dad i know.

The plan was to get him up and about this week, but with the skull so close the surgery to replace it can happen at a moment's notice. No PT until after it's back in.

He's still confused... he still has hints of someone i don't recognize, but it's certainly Dad... and he IS improving.

If I forgot to mention in a previous post -> Dad's infection is gone. Thus the skull being ready to go in and such.


  1. Some clever comment about Heman and Greyskull.

    Go He-Wayne!

  2. Sweet! So glad to hear the good news! More good thoughts coming his way!