Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mom back to work

Mom Returned to work this week, with the hope of returning today. She came back to visit on Wednesday. Can't blame her.

Dad is slowly but steadily stabilizing, with hints of regression when his blood pressure spikes or heart rate drops. They are leveling out the amount of CSF being drained from his brain. We are waiting waiting waiting.

I have a serious cold, which i believe may have grown into a sinus infection. I haven't seen him since Monday, and will not see him for at least a few more days until this is out of my system.

I hope I'm half as good lookin' when I'm 58.


  1. Yeesh, sinus infection sucks...get well soon! Good thoughts to your dad and the rest of your fam too! **huggs**

  2. I hope you feel better so you can get in there and see your Dad soon! I want to commend you for your strength. Every time I read these updates, I appreciate them so much, but I also think about what a strong person it takes to be able to not only deal with all this, but then to take the time to write about it too. Give your mom a great BIG HUG for me when you see her!! You are all such a strong family and I'm putting all the good "juju" out there into your Dad'd universe! BIG HUGS to you ALL!!