Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Message from Mom

Standing Tall

"On Friday May 29th Wayne was scheduled to use a hoist to stand for the first time in 87 days.

A special machine/equipment was brought to his room. Once in the room the Physical Therapist asked Wayne if he felt strong enough to stand without the hoist.

She positioned a lap table in front of him. Using the table to support himself Wayne pushed up with his arm and legs and stood up. He said his hips hurt and sat back down. He stood again to get from the bed to the wheelchair (with help).

The therapist said this is unheard of. After being in bed for 87 days your muscles are atrophied. It takes weeks to build up the strength in your muscles to allow you to stand. Wayne did it from a sitting position with little support on his first try.

Faith in Our Lord and the Power of Prayer is unmistakeably at work within Dad."

Fucking 'eh. That's pop for ya.

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