Monday, June 1, 2009

Surgery Slated for 4pm

Dad's surgery is scheduled for 4pm today. This surgery is to replace the skull that was removed 3 months ago, and insert the shunt to assist in draining the cerebral spinal fluid.

I spent about 6 hours with him yesterday evening. There is a lot of incorrect rewiring that we've been working through. Although sometimes his interpretations and reactions are inappropriate (he has no social filter), they are hilarious. He's calculating and intending what he's saying, but I'm fairly certain he's completely unaware of how rude some of it is. I have to bite my tongue and not laugh as to not perpetuate the behavior.

If you see me, ask me about some of it. I won't print it here, but I'll definitely share the chuckle with you in person.

Set yourself a little reminder to take a moment to send out that good vibe this afternoon before and during the surgery. I'll keep you posted both if something changes in the scheduling, and of the immediate recovery.


  1. Dude, I'll be sending out good vibes for your pops all day. Good luck!

  2. I lost the social filter for a while too, and no doubt said LOTS of inappropriate things. (The only one I really remember is being in the car with my mom, and someone kind of cut her off, and I yelled "you stupid MFer!", and my mom HATES the F-word so I never say it around her. Bless her heart, she didn't say a THING)

    If you can believe it, the filter mostly came back. No, really! :O