Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day.

It looks like he got a present better than any of us could give him. From my mom:

Good Morning,
The first week of Wayne's accident; I told Eddie "I see your Dad walking." Today using the parallel bars; he took his first steps! He was moved to the Rehab unit on Wednesday, June 17. He is now eating solid foods, although he still has the trach [tube] he is getting very little help to breathe. He's doing it mostly on his own. He even sat on the toilet today that has been one of his biggest goals.

We sat out in the patio today enjoying (Wayne had hospital food; he didn't enjoy it) our lunch together for the first time in 110 days. Oh yeah, we had dinner in his room. After dinner Wayne wanted to get back to bed and there wasn't anyone around to help him. Feeling confident after today's therapy session he got into bed with just little ole me helping him. (I later learned this is a big NO NO. I have to be trained and cleared to do this).

When they mentioned it to Wayne he said "Would you like me to get back into the wheelchair so that you can put me back in bed?"
On my wedding day.


  1. Congrats to your old man on the progress, and Happy Father's Day to him, too.

  2. Great...I just fried my keyboard with tears of happiness!

  3. Awesome! What a great Father's Day!