Monday, June 8, 2009

Open House

Dad is now welcoming all visitors. Email me directly if you'd like the details on how and where to see him, or even just how to send something to his room.

There are a number of ground rules for your visit; Dad, mom and I thought these would make the experience better for everyone.

1. Stay quiet. He has frequent and painful headaches and noise only exacerbates them. He reiterated this one during our discussion - don't be loud!
2. Limit your visit to roughly 15-20 minutes. He gets tired, confused and frustrated; it's better for everyone involved to cut themselves off at roughly the 20 minute mark.
3. Don't bring up the injury. He knows about it and can recite in great detail, but talking about the same thing day in and day out is wearing thin on him. Bring your relationship to the conversation. It'll be greatly appreciated and a breath of fresh air.
4. Be forewarned; he sleeps a lot. He may not be awake when you get there. Grab a seat, and if he shifts just say his name a couple times and he my come to.
5. This grouping has to do with the injury and it's affect on his thought processes:
  • Don't take anything he says personally. Remember that the brain injury has greatly affected his social filter.
  • he may be inappropriate; please call him on it to help correct the behavior
  • he may not remember you, or not remember you immediately. There have been a few times where he didn't know who Mom or I were. Again, don't take it personally.
Even with all that you should expect to have a great time. Although some facts are jumbled, he can actually hold conversation better than you may expect. He's very positive about his recovery, and is all about entertaining his guests.

He's excited to see all of you.

That hat. Need i say more?

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  1. "...and we wish to welcome you to munchkin land."