Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Most of you have already been updated pretty regularly, that is, if'n I had your email. I'm not going to email you any more.

Thank you so much for your support thus far; every offer, every hug, every prayer, and every well-wish has done its part, and is truly appreciated.

We as a family are supporting each other with no qualms. Mom is a rock. I'd even go as far to say a "hero" if she decided to don a cape for our daily meetings. She's comforting me and Esh more than the other way around.

I'll try to update daily, at least until he wakes up. After that, we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Thanks so much for creating this blog! I wanted to follow his progress but didn't want to bog you down as I am sure you are stressed enough as it is. You and all of your family are in my thoughts and my heart goes out to all of you! **hugs**

  2. Even though you folks are in it every day I have been sending you tsunamis of support from down here and am on the edge of my seat for updates and details. Thank you for keeping us all connected so we can keep the net nice and strong. love to the whole fambly - xoxoxo schwep

  3. Mostly stayed here in the background. Lit candles, sent good energy and am just playing it very safe on the power tools lately. Y'all are in my thoughts. *hugs* - Kevin/ghost

  4. Again and again, my thoughts are with you, your family and your pops. This blog is a great way of keeping everyone on the same page, and I'm glad to see others who are in your life and their support of y'all. Much love, justine