Monday, April 12, 2010

Surgery Aftermath...

Dad is right back on track. He went back into physical therapy last Monday, only a short week after returning home from surgery.

I think he's as elated as the rest of us it was only a few days hospital stay. For as long as we have all been in one over the last year, it's still an alien location. Everyone can't help from regressing, even if just for moments at a time, and it's gut-wrenching to so powerfully have memories of that short year ago.

Thankfully, contrary to that, Dad is getting better daily. Little hints of his past self eek their way out, reminding us that he's still in there, like a child groggily awakening for an unwanted school day. A couple of weeks ago, he watched his first Warriors game since before the accident. That brought up happy tearful emotion in all of us. Keep it coming Pop. Keep it coming.

A bunch of cannibalistic turkeys.

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  1. Thanks for the update. We're still pulling for your pops.