Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mom and the Brain Aneurysm

Note: I'm hijacking Dad's blog for a post or two - to bring you info on mom.

No. They are not brought on by stress. No. This has nothing to do with mom working doubly to both bring in money and take care of dad. Stress-related aneurysms are a myth. It just happened. Mom had the worst headache of her life while brushing her teeth, thought to herself "I hope this isn't what Wayne goes through daily," then blacked out. She awoke on the bathroom floor with her back to the door, listening to my dad talking to my sister on the phone.

Dad, thanks to all the deities in the universe, had enough sense to call Alyssia. She spoke with mom. I called and spoke with mom. She called Joe to come be with dad, and then 911; all after just having a brain aneurysm.

I knew something was very wrong because she always knows it's me immediately, but had insisted to the fireman that was present that I was the 911 dispatcher. We had all thought she just hit her head while fainting. Dad got up because he's a tough ol' man and was about to give the person pounding at his front door at sleep-time some lip, but stopped at the restroom because the dogs were barking and sniffing under that door.

I can give you the detailed rundown - but I am breaking down and need a break. These are tears of joy, of course, because Mom survived, and even had a successful craniectomy to reverse the aneurysm. Most people die the moment one happens. Mom is a rock.


  1. Oh, man, glad everyone could act quickly enough to get her the craniectomy. I'll be pulling for your and the family. Lots of love flowing your way, Eddie.

  2. Sending your family warm thoughts and fuzzies!