Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Big Fundraiser

This morning I sent out an email blast asking for a little help; in return i got blasted in the face with almost too much to handle. There has been an overwhelming response from friends, friends of friends, and family who have a few bucks to spare to the cause, to garages full of schtuff that have been neglected a ride to Goodwill and have now found a home on my sister's driveway.

Here's the executive summary. Me and Esh (Alyssia), Chloe and Nick are doing a yard sale fundraiser to help smooth out the bumps, and preemptively fill upcoming potholes on Ma and Pa's road to recovery. We've thrown out there that you can volunteer your time, goods, or simply good vibes. In return we've received an army. I can't thank you enough.

That invitation is still open. the following is the same email I sent this AM.

I don't frequently do these emails en masse; i think the last one is when Dad suffered a brain injury last year. So with that, you know this ain't no little deal, and I although seemingly impersonal I *am* reaching out to each of you with that same candidness, knowing smirk, loving sarcasm, and heartfelt hug and squeeze you've come to expect of me.

Many of you know already, but some of you are hearing the following for the first time. A short two weeks ago mom had a brain aneurysm. After a few days and nights of risky procedures and brain surgery (!), she has not only survived, but amazed all the doctors by qualifying for discharge about 6 weeks before her projected date. She's beaten so many odds that I'm flinging her over my shoulder and making a run at Vegas.

Lucy is currently racing around with the aid of a walker and trying to get back into the humdrum of her daily life, albeit with some difficulty. Her short term memory has been greatly affected, and some of her knowledge prior to the aneurysm has been scrambled causing confusion when trying to deal with the daily minutia.

We have no idea if and when she'll be capable of returning to work, although have high hopes. We have no idea if she'll be able to return to caring for dad as she previously was. She certainly can't currently care for herself, let alone meet his needs. As a result, my sister and I (and our spouses Chloe and Nick) have opted to take them in to ensure their continued care. Not only is this a toll emotionally and physically, but also unfortunately on our respective pocketbooks. With paperwork slowly crawling through its hoops for "official" means of monetary help, my sister Alyssia spurted out a simple, yet brilliant plan. Fundraiser!

Sure, we could do a yard sale, or bake sale, or even put on a small fund-raising concert or show... but why limit ourselves, especially with such an amazingly talented and resourceful pool of friends in which to swim? So here's the the request, the plan, and where all of you come in.
  • We do an all-in-one everything sale and sideshow circus on my sisters front lawn and driveway, Friday through Sunday, July 30th, 31st, and August 1st in San Jose. All proceeds will go to mom and dad's bills and other necessities.
  • That green garbage bag in your closet full of stuff you've been intending to take to Goodwill? We'll take it off your hands, even if that means driving to your home and throwing it in the back of a pickup truck.
  • Want to bake? Hock your wares? Perform a short acoustic set? Handcraft street signs? Hula hoop while spitting fire? Any way you want to help, we we more than happily accept your offering. Not only do greenbacks provide, but so do good vibes.
  • Please spread the good word to those you think might also be interested in contributing. Any and all takers are welcome.
I'll be grilling lunch for any and all volunteers on Saturday and Sunday, and if you've had my cooking before you know frozen patty burgers are not on the menu. And what summer day would be complete without a beer and lime?

If you are interested in contributing in any way, please let me know. If you have a bag of "junk" but won't be able to get it out here, also let me know and I'll make it to you for a pick up.

I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing I can send out this email, and get loving bites back. Thank you for being here and being you.

If you are reading this for the first time, and are interested is helping or contributing please email me at kestermontfundraiser@gmail.com (why can't i make that an active link?)

If you wish to simply skip the middle man and drop some cash, I won't try to stop you. That same email is linked to its own account through paypal.

What else? Remember when you cried at the end of "Big Fish"? That's how i feel right now.

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  1. Awww, you big teddy bear you! Sent you and Chloe emails...the plan is in the works and it is GOOD! Hugs, kisses, and a whole lotta love ~Erin