Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On the up and up and up!

Mom had the "brain drain" clamped, to ween her off of it. Her health slightly declined and her headaches increased when they did this, but this stuff should pass once her body and brain equalize.

Mom is doing extraordinarily well. Her short term memory is still winding its way back to the standards most of us are used to, and her confusion comes to the surface when she's been up for a while and is tired.

She's reading her "candy" celebrity gossip magazines (and can likely get extra use from them because of her short term memory issues), and is even occasionally watching TV. She sits up daily, and does "stuff" from a chair next to the hospital bed.

The doctors are quite hopeful for her to have a full recovery, and have been sure to tell us so repeatedly. She is still not yet out of the danger zone, but with your good vibes I don't expect her to slip backwards anymore.

This weekend she'd requested a few more days without visitors. Please respect her wishes, and Esha and I will let you know when it's okay to start bombarding her with your presence.

In the meantime, I'll keep you posted here.


  1. Dude, more love and positive thoughts are flowing from my family to your family.

  2. Good vibes coming your way! Hang in there Lucy!