Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He's Still Got the Boob on His Head

My mistake in making that claim. NOTHING was to be done to his brain until these other regions were drained, and the contents verified.

I visited with him immediately after the surgery, and I could tell he was scared. The meds slow you down considerably, and I suspect he thought the worst. We clarified what had just happened and let him know he'd be coming around again.

He looked great. Healthy, even. When he's aware and not talking, it just seems like Dad there, chilling out and waiting for his dogs to hop onto his lap. When he then communicates we're reminded that he is only rattling around inside that body, trying to get to the surface. Apparently I'm Faith Hill's brother. And my mom's name is Don. My wife is actually my sister-in-law, and he claims he's been in the hospital either for 7 hours, or 148 days.

Dad, I know you're in there. I want to see you again.

From left to right: Nerd, Nerd in Denial, Nerd.

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