Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Need your good juju

Only a few of you know this: on March 20th Dad's heart stopped. He became septic after his body was infected from a leak between his feeding tube and stomach, causing severely low blood pressure. His heart eventually ceased from doing its job. Immediate compression brought it back, but for a few moments there... I don't want to think about it.

Tonight, likely due to the same complication, he is again apparently septic and is immediately being transferred to ICU at the same hospital. His blood pressure is severely low - at similar levels to what they were last Month. The staff have better ability to care for him in the ICU for this type of issue, thus the immediate transfer.

Please send your good juju, it is direly needed, and wholly appreciated. I will try to follow up with news as soon as it changes.

This certainly is a roller coaster ride.


  1. I am trying not to think about the bad things so I can continue sending as much goodness and happiness as I can towards you all. Thank you for posting all the great pics along with the updates. Some I have seen and some I haven't, but every one of them makes me smile and helps with all the good energy. This one definitely is a knee slapper! Love you guys dearly...

  2. When things are not going well I say I am wearing my cranky pants. Wayne, please allow me to take these pants off, as I have been wearing them entirely too long.