Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Dad was transferred to a new (secret) location today. This is the facility for the upcoming rehab, both mental and physical. Mom is set up around the corner at a nice hotel. They are both less than a mile away from my place.

Should be cozy around here in the next couple of months.

Whew, finally out of ICU!

Dad's going to need to get himself some bigger hats.


  1. A nurse friend of mine was asking if he would be transferred to her hospital as it is renowned for a facility such as you have just described...I am sure she would love to meet you for lunch someday if you are around there...

    Does this mean that the immediate risks to his life are under control? Did they put his skull back in yet?

  2. Oh YAY! Out of ICU! Hopefully we'll be able to visit him soon. Can't wait 'til the day you say " Whew, out of the hospital and going on home!" (Getting one step closer....) :D

  3. the hat comment made me giggle. i like knowing your sense of humor is intact. it helps me know y'all are doing ok.

    so glad for all the good news! sending much love,