Wednesday, April 1, 2009


ALL of the April Fool's prank posts I thought up didn't seem so funny when actually written down. It seems I'm more fragile than I've even convinced myself that I am. I have a sick and twisted humor, but the stuff I came up with left a bad taste in even my mouth.

Dad's doing great. Unfortunately he has an infection at the site of his abdominal surgery, and this is impeding a more immediate recovery. Go away, germs!

It's a waiting game.

His emotional range seems to all be in order; happy, silly, grumpy, Stubborn... they're all there.

I look forward to his further progress.

Demon Dad meets Zombie Mom

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  1. Dude, we're following closely. We love your sense of humor, but I was happier to hear a genuine status report. :hug: