Wednesday, April 29, 2009

He's thinking outside the box

Dad asked mom both where she's staying, and if she's doing OK. That's a huge step forward as far as his awareness goes. He's thinking outside of his immediate surroundings - outside of his little box of a world.

The medical staff also realized after Esha's suggestion that his complaints of headaches weren't perpetual, but only when he coughed. They stopped giving him so many painkillers and as a result he's able to focus much better - even going as far as wishing my sister a happy birthday, and then jokingly mention she was only 29. (Damn we're old; only in our years as neither of us has even grown up).

The boob is now gone from his head with the lumbar drain in place. It's now inverted with a space large enough to put half a pack of hot dogs. Look up "craniectomy" if you want an idea of his head's shape.

Shark week.


  1. And a Happy Birthday to you, too!

    I have a good feeling he is turning a corner now! I will keep perpetuating that feeling and send it out to the universe.

  2. I love you all thank you for the update and I pray all the time.God Bless Us All.
    - Gabriel Sr.