Monday, April 20, 2009

Multiple procedures this week

I'll try to get as much information out in as few words as possible.

As a result of the injury, Dad now has Hydrocephalus. Literally, water head. Cerebral spinal fluid comes in, but doesn't have a way to get out. Currently, without his skull, he just gets a swelling on the side of his head that looks like an A-cup boob. With the skull returned, this swelling would cause pressure, and subsequently damage to his brain. To prevent any further injury, the neurosurgeon plans on inserting a shunt into his body, draining the fluid from his skull, down into his abdomen to be reabsorbed. Yes... basically a tube from his brain to his intestines.

Today they are directly draining the fluid that has accumulated over the last few weeks in his head, hopefully relieving some pressure and discomfort. This procedure is relatively simple, basically sticking a needle in and draining.

He also has a couple of pockets of fluid in his belly. If the belly patches are clean of any bacterial cultures or otherwise, the shunt goes in on Wednesday. Today these will also be drained.

He's ever so slowly making progress on the mental front, recently establishing his mental prowess at 50% personally, by writing that fact down for us. He's a bit further along now, becoming more aware of his predicament, which has substantially interfered with his attitude. He is bummed. Really bummed.

There is plenty more info... but I need to retain some intimacy here. ;) Some scary, some funny, some disgusting. In all cases, look for it in my account of all these happenings - a Graphic Novel titled My Dad, His Brain, and the Boob Growing Out of His Head.

In this photo, Dad reminds me of Toby Radloff. I'm thankful that
he removed those glasses and that shirt from his wardrobe.


  1. I reckon relieveing the hydrocephaly should help things on the mental front. I know my brain doesn't work well under pressure.

    Is he bummed that they are taking away his new boob?

    I want to know the disgusting stuff!

  2. Wow...thanks for the Toby Radloff link. It is no wonder you are glad to see the end of those glasses and shirt. Jason really appreciated the music from the Pink Panther.
    More good thoughts coming your dad's way! XOXOXOXO!